10 Deadly Poisonous Healthy Foods

Today, everything we eat seems to be poisonous in some way or the other. More than half the food we eat has a certain chemical which is proved to be poisonous. We as humans are not quite aware of these foods which have a death trap chemical in it and it is these foods which we are greatly fond off as well.

Tubeston has enlisted some of the most poisonous foods which we consume on a daily diet, which may slowly and gently end your life.

Experts state that most of us are even unaware that these certain so called healthy foods are injurious to us. It is believed that these foods which have been listed below are deadly poisonous after a period of time when stored. If you are a regular outside eater, you need to make sure that you stay away from dishes which are made from these poisonous foods.

Take a look at some of the so called healthy poisonous foods which we eat on a daily diet. We are sure that you were unaware of these healthy yet poisonous foods. If you go through the list, you will certainly be in a state of shock:

Presenting to you 10 deadly poisonous healthy foods:

This is one vegetable which is consumed by almost everyone on a daily diet. Do you know this healthy vegetable is poisonous? The potato contains its poison in the stems and leaves. If the potato is green in colour, it is highly poisonous as it has glycoalkaloid poison present in it. If one eats a green potato, they face a death after a period of weakness and confusion and might even go into a coma.

Another healthy vegetable which is consumed on a very high scale. The leaves and stems of the tomato plant contain a chemical called Glycoalkaloid which is a poison. If by chance an individual eats the leaves or stems it will causes extreme nervousness and stomach upsets leading to death.

A herb which is highly poisonous in nature. It is said that the leaves of the rhubarb can kill a man instantly. However, the herb's roots is healthy for one to consume if you are suffering from constipation.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But if you happen to eat an apple seed, you might loose your life. The seeds of an apple consist of cyanide which is dangerous for you to consume. This is one of the deadly poisonous healthy foods which has been recorded.

There are a lot of doctors who tell you that cherries are good for ones health. However, this is one deadly poisonous healthy foods you should be careful about when you eat. Cherries have their poison in their leaves and seeds. The next time you eat a handful of plums, apricots, and peaches do not chew on the seeds!

Yes, you heard that right! One should never consume almonds which are bitter in taste as they contain a poison called cyanide. Always soak almonds or fry them, both of these methods help to remove the poison in the almonds.

Castor Oil
It is said that castor oil is used for a lot of purposes like constipation, and even skin care. But, did you know that castor seeds is highly poisonous in nature. It contains a poison called ricin which will take one bean to kill a human, and four to kill a horse. Stay away from this deadly poisonous healthy food.

The flowers of the elderberry is largely consumed by many people around the world. The flowers are eaten after being battered and deep fried. However, it is the roots which is highly poisonous that will cause severe stomach problems thus leading to death. So be careful of this deadly poisonous healthy food.

Do you love fish? If you do stay away from the pufferfish! It is believed that this deadly poisonous healthy food contains a very deadly poison which is present in the liver. If the oil squirted from the liver touches the fish and if you consume it, you can die instantly!

Mushroom is one of the most famous deadly poisonous healthy foods you were vaguely aware off. There are some mushroom which are highly poisonous in nature, so make sure that you eat the right type of mushroom to stay alive.

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