Burn A Bay Leaf Inside The House. The Results Will Be Incredible!

We usually use herb in the kitchen for cooking, because of the aroma they give to our dishes, not realizing that they can be used for other things, too.

Different aromas have many different effects on your body. For example, the smell of bay leaf has a soothing effect on our body and mind.

Even ancient Greeks knew the healing powers of bay leaves and used them for treating different health problems and conditions.

Bay leaves have powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which can be of great help for epilepsy and releasing the airways. Bay laurel plant can also be used for treating insomnia, stress or hypertension, and it can help you control the levels of your blood cholesterol.

To use all of the benefits it offers, add a bay leaf in your meal after boiling it in water for couple ofseconds, or just light a leaf in a bowl which is resistant to heat and, as the aroma spreads around the room, you`ll feel very relaxed and happy. They will relax the muscles, calm your mind and improve the mood.

Just be careful with the process and put out the fire.

Bay leaves will do excellent job as cockroach repellent.

Their strong smell will keep away, or even kill cockroaches. This is the best solution for getting rid of insects because it`s perfectly safe for your kids or pets. Just put some bay leaves around the house, in the corners of the house as well as the garden. You can even put them in the kitchen or in places where you keep the food because this plant is completely non-toxic.

Dry leaves are more efficient because of the stronger smell, but you can you use fresh ones as well for the purpose.

Source: Davidwolfe.com

Burn A Bay Leaf Inside The House. The Results Will Be Incredible! Burn A Bay Leaf Inside The House. The Results Will Be Incredible! Reviewed by Admin on 9:52 AM Rating: 5


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